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About Your Credit Specialist

LaToya Clark is an entrepreneur, loving wife and proud mother of three. She loves serving and empowering her community. LaToya believes that helping others develop their skills and discover their purpose is her true call in the kingdom of God.

Mrs. Clark has a successful background in customer service, public speaking, and real estate. While servicing her clients as a licensed realtor, she witnessed many of them struggling in their finances. In her heart of hearts she knew that there had to be a way and a solution for people to become credit worthy consumers. 

LaToya's passion and vision to help and see people grow in the arena of financial literacy has led her to dedicate her time and energy to educating others about credit, wealth, and finances.  She has created a platform that allows her to teach people nationwide and one on one about how to establish and obtain good credit. She believes that everyone deserves a second chance to change their life for the better!
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