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        About Your Credit Specialist
Adrienne Gates
I'm a native of Atlanta, Georgia with an entrepreneurial background. After experiencing a few personal and financial hardships I was forced to make a decision that would affect my entire family. I knew I had to make a decision after going into foreclosure when I owned my home for 15 years. 

I was a single parent without a home for myself, my children or my sister and brother. I then realized I lacked the knowledge on how to handle my personal finances which sparked an interest in me to start reaching out and assisting others with education on financial literacy. 

Financial literacy creates and sustains generational wealth. I began to make a name for myself speaking on several different platforms on the benefit of credit restoration. It's really great when you can touch a person with your testimony and show them there's no reason for you to not have the American dream. 

Your credit is a key factor in determining where you want to go in life from paying for auto loans, mortgages, credit cards, student loans, and more. I want all clients to know that your credit determines how you win and I want everyone to win.